You know who you can come home to in this trailer for MR CHURCH

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Eddie Murphy might be the funny man that nobody wants to watch anymore, but he is still a serious actor. He has certainly built his reputation on playing loud and funny characters over the years, but when audiences grow tired of this usual portrayal, he comes back and reminds them of why he is such a talent again. He did this with Dreamgirls, where if it weren’t for Jennifer Hudson’s brilliant performance, he would easily have overshadowed the rest of the cast. And now it seems he is doing it again in Mr Church.

Watch the first trailer below.

The film is directed by Bruce Beresford and plays out much like his own Driving Miss Daisy. The story follows a cook hired to care for a woman (Natascha McElhone) dying of cancer and her young daughter (Britt Robertson), but he ends up becoming more emotionally involved than he expects. And from that description alone, you can tell it’s going to require a box of tissues. The film spans several years in the life of its characters and is likely going to have many ups and downs in its story.

It’s not going to be a film for everyone, but it is good to see Murphy making the most of his substantial talent here and flexing those dramatic muscles again.

Mr Church will only be receiving a limited release on September 16th in the US. The film is not designed to win the box office, so probably isn’t going to get a massive release here as well when it does come out.

Last Updated: August 16, 2016

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