Kurt Russell has a serious situation in this first trailer for cannibal western BONE TOMAHAWK

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Kurt Russell and westerns are just meant to go together. The last time the veteran actor strapped on a six-shooter, a badge and the world’s most manly moustache, it was for the incredible Tombstone. Now Russell is back in the saddle for upcoming western Bone Tomahawk and this time he has a lot more to contend with than some cowboys in pretty scarves and one little standoff. Okay so it was a bit more than a “little standoff”, but at least then he didn’t have to worry about cannibals trying to eat his face.

Directed by newcomer Craig S. Zahler and costarring Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons and a seemingly batshit crazy Matthew Fox, Bone Tomahawk debuted at Fantastic Fest in Texas last week to solid reviews. I couldn’t care too much what they say though, as I was always going to see this no matter what. I mean it’s Kurt Russell in a cannibal western! And this intense first trailer for the flick sure as hell isn’t curbing my enthusiasm one bit, no sirree!

Note: If that unofficial Youtube embed is pulled, you can check out the official trailer over on EW.

Bone Tomahawk will release in the US in cinemas, as well as on iTunes and via VOD, on October 23, 2015.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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