Fox officially picks up LETHAL WEAPON TV series

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The above image pretty much describes how I felt when I heard that the news that Fox was finally going ahead with a full-on TV series adaptation of the smash hit, buddy-cop movie, um, series? Actually that’s a lie. I have mixed feelings about this one; thinking that it’s another remake that will inevitably be terrible, but then thinking ‘hang on what if it works?’ It’s not rocket science, right? Well the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover was incredible! (Hey, did I ever tell you I photobombed met Danny Glover?)

Obviously these two are a bit long in the tooth now so who would be taking up the mantle? Well stepping into Gibson’s crazy Riggs will be lesser-known Clayne Crawford (Rectify) and Damon Wayans Sr. (The Last Boy Scout) will step into long-suffering Murtaugh’s shoes. Wayans Sr. also happens to be 55 years old despite the fact that he still looks like he just finished college. Well I suppose he qualifies for the famous line ‘I’m too old for this sh*t!” then.

Joseph McGinty Nichol, better known as McG (Charlie’s Angels, Terminator: Salvation), directed the pilot that inevitably green lit the show and will also play a role as Executive Producer. I have to say he has an enormous task ahead. Keeping us old-school fans from going fanboy crazy if the show sucks is going to be tricky, but then again Fargo and Bates Motel have both worked as a series adaptation from a movie so we could just be in for a surprise!

Last Updated: May 12, 2016

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