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Honest Thief – Liam Neeson is using a particular set of skills once again

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It’s easy to forget that Liam Neeson is actually a talented actor who was once nominated for Best Actor for his stellar dramatic turn in Shindler’s List. Though ever since he achieved massive fame playing a dad with a particular set of skills in Taken, he has been typecast as the no-nonsense action man where the plot is now completely inconsequential and it’s all about seeing Neeson and his fist /gun/vehicle/more guns do all of the hard work.

This is not necessarily a bad thing when the action is good. The problem is that Neeson is no Jackie Chan and his action scenes can become rather formulaic and tiresome after we’ve seen him do the same things to bad guys yet again. Or for the last ten of his movies. Neeson and that cash action machine are not over yet though, as he’s starring in yet another action movie, this time taking on the role of a bank robber wanting to try living an honestly life for a change only to get double-crossed by the police themselves. Which gives him further opportunity to use his particular set of skills once again:

Honest Thief doesn’t look as gritty or action-packed as some of his more recent movies, but with dialogue that sounds like a deliberate send-up to the Taken movies, it definitely feels like we are getting more of the same Neeson in this new film. On the plus side, you should also know exactly what type of movie this will end up being and so if you have enjoyed Neeson and his relentless action pursuits, then this should delight you just the same.

Honest Thief also stars Kate Walsh as the love interest in the movie and the person responsible for turning Neeson’s character into an honest one. The film is expected to release on October 9 to Video On Demand services so we should get to see it pretty soon. Or you could just rewatch any of Neeson’s other films and know exactly what this one will probably be about.

Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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