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Looks like JJ Abrams is headed off to WESTWORLD

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Every night, I have nightmares. Kervyn inviting me to lunch, the more graphically suicidal scenes being put back into It’s a Wonderful Life and never winning that Oscar that I so rightly deserve for being a hack of a writer. But the worst nightmare is that of a cyborg cowboy coming after me with the fury of a forgotten MS DOS oeprating system and a revolver to back that rage up with.

I didn’t say that these dreams made sense, OK? But if Westworld ever gets remade, that’s one nightmare that is going to come real. And that’s just what might be happening soon when JJ Abrams takes over.


Despite being busy with everything from Star Wars to Trek, JJ Abrams is pulling a Del Toro and roping in some more talent to help HBO bring the classic film to a smaller screen. Abrams has roped in writer Jonathan “The Dark Knight Rises” Nolan and producer Jerry Weintraub to retell the tale of a resort getwaway staffed with lifelike robots that decides to go haywire. Here’s the official description of the show via Deadline:

…a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.

I’m guessing that there’s going to be a lot of taboos present in Westworld. Nolan will direct the pilot episode, which will hopefully erase the memory of the short-lived and terrible Beyond Westworld. Still, this could be a good concept for HBO. Their shows push the boundaries of what is allowed on television, and creating a polar opposite to Game of Thrones could be another home run for the network.



Last Updated: September 2, 2013

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