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Mackenzie Foy finds hope through a horse in this new trailer for Disney’s Black Beauty

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Disney may have had a slow start outside of its hit Star Wars serious The Mandalorian in winning people over to its new streaming service Disney+, which is perhaps not helped by the fact that it’s not available in many parts of the world yet. But the company is starting to flex its muscles with its many different franchises, and making series and movies that are giving it a big boost in original content.

Many of these new projects though are not just new works built around the various properties the studio owns but also total reimagings of their different classics. Disney is going to be retooling yet another classic for Disney+ in the form of Back Beauty. Based on the classic novel by Anna Sewell, the story of Black Beauty has been adapted many times in both film and TV series, most recently in 1994. Now Disney wants to bring it back for a new audience which will see Mackenzie Foy star as  Jo Green, a teenager who recently loses her parents and becomes close friendships with a horse, who will be voiced by Kate Winslet In this new reboot.

The film is scheduled for release on November 27th and so its almost surprising that Disney has yet to show off much about the movie, but they appear to now be ramping up prometon for the film as they just dropped the first trailer to this modern take on the Black Beauty story:

This film is everything you would expect from a Disney movie feasting plenty of sugary-sweet drama, emotion while trying to be as inspiring and wholesome as possible. It doesn’t bring anything new to the Black Beauty story we know, though arguably ups some of the emotional drama from previous versions. It’s one of those films that should prove popular with families as it’s a story that appeals to both younger and older audiences alike and perhaps why Disney keeps coming back to its old classics because it knows it’s a formula that works and will keep their subscribers happy.

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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