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Manhattan Book Group 2022 Review: The Best NYC Book Publisher?

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Is there a way to publish a book without all the pressure of finding a literary agent or self-promoting the book to get it noticed? Manhattan Book Group offers a way to do just that using a very unique approach to publishing. Let’s take a look at what this service is doing for authors in 2022.

Before the Book is Published

The Manhattan Book Group gives authors a lot of tools and services they can make use of before they even have their book published. They can request that their books be professionally edited, and they can get help in choosing the right keywords for the title and cover blurbs, so that the book stands out and gets noticed. The consulting services that the group provides assist in fitting the book into the right genre in a way that allows it to appeal better to its target audience. New authors often struggle to find their audience, and this book group makes that part of the process much easier. 

They can also design the book cover and create illustrations for the book as needed, ensuring the book looks professional. 

Sending the Book Out

One of the big ways this self-publishing service stands out is in how it brings authors’ books to the public. Each book they consider for publication is put through a careful vetting process, so that only high-quality books are sent out. Those that make it through the approval process, however, are able to reach up to 30,000 retailers and other booksellers. The Manhattan Book Group has relationships with vendors in more than 100 countries, and can put their clients’ books on shelves in Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble and online with Amazon, among others. 

Hitting the Sweet Spot

The Manhattan Book Group is so confident that their clients’ books will do well that they guarantee each and every book published with them will end up on the top of one of the categories for Amazon’s bestseller lists. While Amazon has a lot of different categories for books, that’s still a huge reach for any author, and an achievement that is sure to help propel a previously unknown author into the spotlight.

Should You Publish with Manhattan Book Group?

Authors have more choices than ever for self-publishing these days, but a lot of these options give them little support. In many ways, they are almost entirely on their own with the majority of self-publishing services. Manhattan Book Group is different, because they have the kind of support that can completely change the career prospects of a struggling or previously unknown author. They are revolutionizing the self-publishing industry by giving writers the tools they need to succeed. 

This is an excellent service and the highest rated New York City self-publishing company. We highly recommend them for any author who wants their book to get read, and not simply disappear in a sea of competing publications. With the support of this respected company, authors can realize their publishing dreams.

Last Updated: October 17, 2022

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