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Maria Bello will be romancing the wolverine in PRISONERS

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There’s a lot of films out there with great casts attached that always seems to slip under the radar, and Prisoners looks like such a film. The upcoming movie has actors such as Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhall and Melissa Leo attached, and now, it’s adding Maria Bello to that list as well.

Written by Aaron Guzikowski, Prisoners follows one young girl when she and her best friend find themselves kidnapped. It just so happens that one of the girls happens to be the daughter of a badass, personified in this instance by Jackman, who happens to track down the person who he believes is responsible for the whole mess.

But he might just have the wrong guy here.

Gyllenhall is starring as Detective Loki, who contrary to belief, is not the trickster god who has really fallen on hard times and has to work at a police station to solve crimes. Although that would be freakin’ awesome.

He’ll be the city cop who doesn’t like the idea of vigilante actions, as he pursues his own leads on the case. Eventually, everyone is going to collide. Bello will play the wife of Jackman, who will no doubt pack him a wamr meal as he goes about violently ascertaining the whereabouts of his daughter. Possibly.

Director Denis Villeneuve is looking at a September 2013 release date for his film, with shooting kicking off early next year.




Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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