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Mary J. Blige tracks a mysterious killer in the horror thriller Body Cam

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Body Cam is the upcoming horror thriller starring the nine-time Grammy Award winner and two-time Oscar-nominated Mary J. Blige. It’s the sophomore feature from director Malik Vitthal, whose first feature was the John Boyega-led Imperial Dreams, and written by Richmond Riedel and Nicholas McCarthy.

Blige stars as a veteran LAPD officer who observes a mysterious figure behaving in ways she can’t explain while watching the body cam footage of a slain officer. And as she digs into the deadly mystery she uncovers a conspiracy of silence between her fellow officers and the death of a young black man.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

While investigating the bizarre murder of a fellow officer, veteran Renee Lomito (Mary J. Blige) discovers a mysterious figure in their body cam footage. Haunted by visions of the event, she suspects something supernatural is targeting the cops in her unit. Now, in a race against time to find the one person she thinks can stop these killings, Renee uncovers a sinister secret among the police force surrounding the shooting and cover up of an unarmed youth. Nat Wolff also stars in this intense action thriller.

Let’s take a look:

Body Cam doesn’t look like it’s doing anything groundbreaking, but it does look like a solid horror thriller if you’re a fan of the genre. You’ve got some decent scares as the creepy game of cat and mouse unfolds, and an intriguing mystery to unravel in the process. It also seems decently directed and to top it off you’ve got an Oscar-nominated actress taking the lead, you can’t really ask for much more than that.

What do you think?

Body Cam will be released digitally on 19 May, as well as via VOD on 2 June. It also stars Nat Wolff, Theo Rossi, Anika Noni Rose, David Zayas, and Demetrius Grosse.

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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  1. Interesting. Not a fan of her type of music but still, everyone knows Mary J Blige is a legend.
    Also she was absolutely amazing as Cha-Cha in Umbrella Academy


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