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Meet Bendu in this new preview for STAR WARS REBELS

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For a show that is aimed at a rather young demographic, Star Wars Rebels has some surprisingly heavy themes woven into its narrative. One idea that was featured in an episode of the second season was the nature of the Force itself. A mystical energy that binds every living being in that universe, the Force is apparently exclusively wielded by the Jedi and the Sith.

But that’s a very narrow view of this cosmic presence. Star Wars Rebels touched on the notion that The Force is intepreted in many different ways by other sentient beings. The Nightsisters of Dathomir used it in a supernatural manner in conjunction with their magiks, while Zeb Orrelios connected with the Force to lead refugees to a Lasat homeworld that had been forgotten by his people.

What makes this concept even more interesting, is that the Force itself is neither intrinsically good or evil. It simply is. And if the Force can be a neutral power, why not other Force wielders as well? And that’s the idea behind Bendu, who’ll be popping up in Star Wars Rebels this year during the third season of that hit show. Check him out, being all wise and stuff:

That video above ties into the finale of season two. You’ve also had several months to see it by now, so don’t complain when I talk about it. With Kanan blinded by Maul and Ezra dipping dangerously close to being corrupted by a need for more power, there now exists a Sith Holocron that the Jedi apprentice has in his possession. A holocron which could see Ezra fall to the dark side.

Usually only accessible through dark side Force energies, Bendu has no problem accessing its contents as he happens to be neither Jedi nor Sith. But rather something in the middle. And that’s going to make for a very interesting character to see in season 3. Plus, he’s voiced by a former Gallifreyian Time Lord, Tom Baker. So my nerd senses are tingling right now.

Star Wars Rebels returns on September 24, which ain’t too far, far away. Unlike that live-action TV series that I mentioned yesterday.

Last Updated: September 19, 2016

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