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Meet South Africa’s biggest CS:GO YouTube channel

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Comedy gaming channels are nothing new in South Africa, or indeed the world – but when you mix unique South African humour with some awful Counter-Strike skill you get popular YouTuber Clarence “Eagle” Musson, owner of EZStudios. Alright, calling them awful at Counter-Strike may be a bit harsh, but from some of their most popular videos it becomes clear that the “Clown Squad” of EZStudios are not focused on becoming the top team in South Africa, but rather providing a comedic relief for the seemingly competitive South African community.

This week on the ‘O’h Show Gareth Woods takes the reins as he chats to Musson about their start and new found fame. Musson had been making videos, primarily for his friends, before the channel kicked off and one video went “viral”. For the small South African audience the EZStudio videos have always been a great laugh. Their authentic feel gives a different experience as opposed to the numerous other comedic channels we might frequent daily, and the South African blend makes it extremely relatable, especially their ESEA video which put them on the global playing field.

EZStudios has now hit the 1,000,000 channel views milestone making them easily one of South Africa’s biggest gaming YouTube channels who’ve reached an organic audience without sponsors, payments, or having to get on their knees.

Watch as host Gareth Woods and Musson talk about their upbringing in gaming when the internet was being invented. Sharing a lot in common, like attending the same high school in Port Elizabeth and their love for gaming makes for an exciting show, with my notable absence.

It’s clear that EZStudios have found a niche market for comedy in South Africa’s YouTube circles and we can start looking forward to their upcoming content as they continue to create authentic, fun, and EZ videos of us to enjoy!

Last Updated: July 5, 2016

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