Mel Gibson talks about his role in MACHETE KILLS, a new poster debuts

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One man film crew Robert Rodriguez is returning with some heavyweight sequels in the future, one of which stars a Federale that was slapped in the face with an entire forest of ugly trees. He’s lined up quite a few big name actors for Machete Kills, but casting Mel Gibson as a villainous maniac who is out to destabilize the world?

That’s just made me want to go and see this film.

Extra, (not the awesome end of day round-up section on this site) spoke briefly to Gibson, who revealed that he spent a week shooting his part, as a villain out to get the American President, played by Charlie Sheen.

And his character also happens to be quite the chef. Whoah, easy on the crazy sauce with my burger, Mr Gibson! A new poster also debuted, showcasing William Sadler as Sherriff Doakes, one angry lookin’ son of a gun.

I’m starting to get more and more intrigued with Machete Kills, and provided that I don’t have to endure watching Danny Trejo scoring with the ladies, I might just go and watch it.

Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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