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Mel Gibson's summer vacation gets a renaming and some Mexican flavour

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You’ve got to love Mel Gibson, most likely for all the wrong reasons. The man has portrayed some iconic roles on the silver screen, the majority of which have had a high level of masochistic acting in them, and every time he seems to get public goodwill back on his side after another escapade gone wrong, he somehow manages to piss it all away again.

After receiving a positive reception in Edge of Darkness, the crazy Australian proved that point with another scandal, and after his latest film, a dark comedy by the name of The Beaver failed to earn some cash at the box office, he’s hoping that his latest project, Get the Gringo can once again reignite his action movie career.

Formerly known as How I spent my summer vacation, Gringo is surprisingly bailing out on US cinemas and going straight to video…on demand. It’s a risky move that 20th Century Fox is taking, by releasing the film exclusively on the DirecTV channel come May 1, before it hits DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

Get the Gringo stars Gibson as Driver, a criminal who bulldozes his way into the Mexican border, and after being picked up by the federales, is thrown into the slammer. Shenanigans revolving around people being hit hard and emotional bonding ensues.

Still, looks like a fun film.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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  1. Justin Hess

    February 1, 2012 at 13:22

    That actually looks pretty kak, largely due to that awful trailer, which outstays its welcome by about a minute.

    Still, it’s cool to see Gibbo riffing on his character from Payback


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