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Meryl Streep is on a trip to forget the past in this trailer for Let Them All Talk

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Prolific director Steven Soderbergh may have previously signed a deal with Netflix, but relationships don’t always last long in the movie business and after directing several movies for that streaming service with mixed success, he has now moved on to partner with HBO Max for his next movie. And bringing one of the world’s greatest actors of all time along with him in the form of Meryl Streep.

Titled Let Them All Talk, the film sees Streep play the role of Alice Hughes, a celebrated author who goes on a journey with two of her friends in an effort to unwind and heal some old wounds. Joined by her nephew, and her new literary agent, Hughes’ trip doesn’t go quite the way she hoped. It’s perhaps not the normal sort of high thrills drama that we are used to from Soderbergh, but with a cast that includes Candice Bergen, Gemma Chan, Lucas Hedges, and Dianne Wiest it should still pique the interest of many looking for a well-crafted story and fantastic acting:

Speaking of the story though while there is a definite plot in this film, much of the dialogue in the film was reportedly improvised. Not the first time the director has tried this style of filmmaking. Which is perhaps why he needed some rather exceptional actors who are able to deliver strong performances on the fly.

Soderbergh is known for his very loose and causal filmmaking style and apart from the improvisation, it looks evident in the way the film has been crafted with the film appearing quite easy-going and light-hearted. I’ll be honest and admit the story doesn’t’ excite me and this is not the normal type of fare that I watch, but with a solid cast and a great director, it may be worth the watch when it releases on HBO Max December 10th.

Last Updated: November 18, 2020

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