MGM comes out swinging in an attempt to KO RAGING BULL 2

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ladies and gentlemen, in the blue corner, with no winning or losing streak whatsoever, we have the sequel smasher, the prequel protector, RAGING BULL 2!

And in the red corner, the mayhem of MGM, the litigators of the unknown, the legal dealers of pain, LAWYERS! Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuummmmmmbbbbllllle!Were you feeling despondent over the thought of an unnecessary sequel to the beloved puglism classic, Raging Bull? Apparently, so was MGM, as the film company has scrambled their legal team in an attempt to get the plug pulled on the movie, with a legal left hook being filed against the sequel producers and Jake Lamotta himself.

The round one suit alleges that LaMotta has no right to allow producers to create a film based on his second book, without offering said rights to MGM first, with the studio behind the new film trying to associate their project with the 1980 classic, a move that MGM claims would ruin the memory of that film.

The upcoming sequel has William Forsythe as an older LaMotta, with Mojean Aria as his younger incarnation, based on the 1986 follow-up book from LaMotta.

Is MGM going to win this fight with a TKO victory, or will we see the two fighters turn this situation into an ugly mud-match? Who knows, as the first blows have only just been unleashed…

Last Updated: July 4, 2012

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