MGM is going for the throat with a ROAD HOUSE remake

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Patrick Swayze may no longer be among the living, but he left plenty of decent films after his death that will keep his memory alive for many more years. One such film which everyone has to see at least once or risk having their throat ripped out, is Road House.

And of course, it’s getting a remake.

road house

According to The Wrap, the 1989 Patrick Swayze film is getting lined up for a remake at MGM, with Rob “XXX” Cohen currently attached to direct. Cohen will be working off of a script from Michael “Crash Bandits” Strokes. The original film had Swayze arriving in a small town where its local bar was home to less than the ideal clientele and required his bouncing expertise to clean up the Double Deuce. Along the way, he made some enemies met his mentor again and saw him die and was regularly threatened with rape attacks from the local muscle.

Road House didn’t make a ton of cash at the box office, but it did achieve a cult status for all the wrong reasons on the VHS and DVD circuit, and even saw a sequel released in 2006, that saw the Swayze’s Dalton character carry on in the bouncer footsteps of his father. Naturally, it tanked pretty hard and was asked politely to leave the box office.


Last Updated: November 25, 2013

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