Michael Bay talks TRANSFORMERS 4 details

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Transformers 4 is happening. The Internet managed to snag Marky Mark Wahlberg a lead role and Michael Bay is going to Bayspolde your eyeballs with even more 3D?

Do you want to know more? And are you now dreading the idea of the Master Baysploder helming a Starship Troopers reboot with that one line? My work here is done!

Speaking to TMZ about the next film in the series, Bay dropped some quick details about when the new movie would take place, and the direction that it was now going in;

The movie is going to continue four years from the attack on Chicago, which was in the last movie. It’s going to have the same lineage, but it’s going in a full new direction. It actually feels very natural how it’s going in that direction… We’re doing a lot of things that are really going to make it fresh and feel new.

Transformers 4 starts production near the middle of next year, with an eye on a June 27 2014 release date. Now, while it is fun to mock Bay for casting actors that appear to have all snorted massive mountains of Columbian powder between takes, I still love the visual style of his films.

Fast shots, tight pacing and beautiful visuals, even if the content is lacking, I still remain gob-smacked at how he frames a film, creating something beautiful in the process, even if it does contain racist robot stereotypes.

And now ladies and gentlemen, here’s an Aerosmith song to take this article away into the exploding sunset!

Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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