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Monday Box Office Report

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Money, it’s a thing! A couple of new releases in the box office landscape made themselves known this week, as audiences had to choose between realistic terrorist hunting and watching Marlon Wayans murder comedy. But only one of them could emerge to the top spot, and the Oscar Mike winner was pretty obvious from the start of this weekend operation.

What happens when you combine a story about killing the most hated man in American history with an award-winning director who happens to know a thing or two about contemporary warfare movies? You get the number one grossing film of the weekend, as Zero Dark Thirty cleaned up with a decent take at the box office.

Originally released to smaller venues, Sony managed to push the film past the usual Christmas glut of entertainment, working up some positive word of mouth in the process and making the film an Oscar contender. Minus that controversy about torture, that is. Coming in second and proving that end times are indeed upon us was Marlon Wayans anti-comedy, A haunted House. Amazingly, it managed to snag up quite a few dollars, taking the silver medal.

Dark times people, dark times indeed. As for everyone else, here’s who made what this past weekend at the American box office;

  • Zero Dark Thirty – $24 Million
  • A haunted house – $18.8 Million
  • Gangster squad – $16.7 Million
  • Django unchained – $11 Million
  • Les Miserables – $10.1 Million
  • The Hobbit – $9 Million
  • Lincoln – $6.3 Million
  • Parental Guidance – $6.1 Million
  • Texas Chainsaw 3D – $5.1 Million
  • Silver Linings Playbook – $5 Million

Despite an all star cast and some slick promotional advertising, Gangster Squad took an underwhelming third place this weekend, while Oscar heavyweight Django Unchained slipped to fourth, while Les Miserables (Bull, how could these people not be MORE miserable!?) made it a top five special overall.

After a couple of weeks and earning enough cash to fill up Scrooge McDuck’s money vault ten times over, The Hobbit suffered a major drop, winding up in sixth place, a trend that the rest of the bottom five encountered as well. Rewind to ten years ago though, and the box office was a touch different, with the third Lord of the rings film at the top, followed by Finding Nemo and the first Pirates of the Caribbean flick.

Last Updated: January 14, 2013

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