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Monday Box Office Report – Conjurings, snails and secret agents arrive

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And now for something completely different! Between all the capes and shiny spandex at Comic Con this weekend, the North American box office saw plenty of new arrivals. Spooky vistations, super-fast snails, retired secret agents and a few dead ones hit the cinemas with a vengeance this weekend. But when the dust settled, it was the supernatural that reigned supreme.

The Conjuring took the first place spot with a grand haul of over $41 million, a strong show for a film with a much smaller budget than the other movies that arrived. It’s the second highest start for a supernatural flick, falling behind the benchmark set by Paranormal Activity 2, and higher than the opening for Pacific Rim sadly.

Turbo raced into third with over $21 million, a total that makes it the lowest opening Dreamworks animated film since 2006’s criminally underrated Flushed Away. RED 2 didn”t fare well either, clocking in at $18.5 million, which is below the 2010 opening of the original film, which blasted in with a $21.8 million opening. As for everyone else, here’s how they did:


  • The Conjuring – $41.5 Million
  • Despicable Me 2 – $25 Million
  • Turbo – $21.5 Million
  • Grown Ups 2 – $20 Million
  • RED 2 – $18.5 Million
  • Pacific Rim – $15.9 Million
  • RIPD – $12.7 Million
  • The Heat – $9.3 Million
  • World War Z – $5.2 Million
  • Monsters University – $5 Million

This week saw Man of Steel, White House Down and The Lone Ranger vanish from the top ten. While White House Down and Man of Steel had decent runs, The Lone Ranger has dipped out of the top ten after just three weeks, and currently has a global total of just $147 million, making this one massive money-sink for Disney. Don’t expect a sequel, ever.

Last Updated: July 22, 2013

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