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Monday Box Office Report – Carrie on then

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Even the best of films dip after a couple of weeks at the box office. Only so many people can see a movie for the first time, and something newer and shinier comes along after that debut. Gravity was faced with three such newcomers this past weekend at the North American box office, with Carrie, Escape Plan and the Fifth Estate all looking to nab a piece of that pie.

And they all failed. Badly.Staying strong, Gravity added another $31 million to its total haul, which now sits at a global $284 million. Out of three new films hitting the box office on the weekend, Carrie came out tops, but not by much. A third spot debut earned the movie just $17 million, while Sly Stallone’s latest flick that saw him team up with Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t even crack the $10 million mark, landing at fifth place. Had this movie been released back in the 1980’s/90s, it could have made a ton of cash, but nostalgia only goes so far.

Lastly, Benedict Cumbermatch starring privacy invasion film The Fifth Estate didn’t fare too well either, making a seventh place splash with just $1.7 million. As for everyone else, here’s a look at those numbers:

  • Gravity – $31 Million
  • Captain Phillips – $17.3 Million
  • Carrie – $17 Million
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 – $10.1 Million
  • Escape Plan – $9.8 Million
  • Prisoners – $2 Million
  • Enough Said – $1.8 Million
  • The Fifth Estate – $1.7 Million
  • Runner Runner – $1.6 Million
  • Insidious Chapter 2 – $1.5 Million

Top ten departures this week include F1 drama Rush, Baggage Claim, Don John and Machete Kills. Machete Kills has been a massive flop, as after two weeks it has only managed to make $6.4 million. Ouch. Guess you don’t tell Machete how to handle the box office either.

Last Updated: October 21, 2013

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  1. I bet the majority of Gravity viewers will go back again and again and again. I am.


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