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Monday Box Office Report – The Avengers assemble to number one

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Another week of movie-going, another week of Hollywood rolling in Scrooge McDuck levels of cash. The American Box office had only one real debut this week, and much like a hammer blow from Mjolnir on your jaw, it shattered all other films in its wake.

The Avengers finally debuted stateside, and while a nation of traitors to the crown got to finally see something that we had, weeks ago already, the results spoke for themselves.

Here’s a look at who made what.

Methinks that the house of mouse will be quite pleased with the billion dollar performance of The Avengers, as it has easily recouped the budget spent on producing and marketing it, with a Japanese release around the corner that will also funnel in some extra cash.

It’s currently king of the box office weekend haul, having eclipsed the record set by the final Harry Potter film in the process. Here’s a look at how everyone else did this past weekend:

  • The Avengers – $200 Million
  • Think like a man – $8 Million
  • The Hunger Games – $5.7 Million
  • The Lucky one – $5.5 Million
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits – $5.4 Million
  • The five year engagement – $5.1 Million
  • The Raven – $2.5 million
  • Safe – $2.47 Million
  • Chimpanzee – $2.395 Million
  • The three stooges – $1.8 Million

Last Updated: May 7, 2012

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