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Monday Box Office Report – The bat rises, everyone else sinks

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Another weekend finished, and more cash in the pocket for Hollywood, or at least those films that people wanted to go watch. Neighbourhood watch comedies and cliched dancers made for some interesting new arrivals, but could they dethrone the big bad bat?

Nope. Batman stayed on top for a second week, hauling in an impressive total, leaving the new arrivals to flounder in mid-card status, and dropping some of the regulars down a couple of notches.

Here’s a look at who made what in the American box office totals.

  • The Dark Knight – $64 Million
  • Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – $13.3 Million
  • The Watch – $13 Million
  • Step Up: Revolution – $11.8 Million
  • Ted – $7.3 Million
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – $6.8 Million
  • Brave – $4.2 Million
  • Magic Mike – $2.5 Million
  • Savages – $1.7 Million
  • Moonrise Kingdom – $1.3 Million

So far, The Dark Knight Rises has hauled in over $500 million so far, more than recouping it’s production and marketing budget. Expect it to finish up at around the billion dollar mark at this rate, a figure while not as massive as the previous sequel or The Avengers, but still plenty of cash to give Warner Bros a rush of blood to the groin.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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