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Monday Box Office Report – Tony Stark and friends have sunk your Battleship

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Yes, the Avengers are still at the top spot, before you ask. It’s redundant right now, to ask who’s at the top, because it looks like the assorted super soldiers and Asgardians will be dominating the box office, for another week at least.

What is relevant, is to ask who’s in at number two, underneath that massive helicarrier-shaped shadow. And that film is…

…Liam Neeson and Battleship. Alongside Sacha Baron Cohen and his latest comedy, the two vastly different flicks etched a respectable tally over the weekend. Despite doing above average business in foreign markets, the Peter Berg directed attempt at making a film based on one of the most boring board games of all times, failed to make much of a splash.

Here’s who made what, last weekend in the American box office charts.

  • The Avengers – $55 Million
  • Battleship – $25.3 Million
  • The Dictator – $17.4 Million
  • Dark Shadows – $12.7 Million
  • What to expect when you’re expecting – $10.5 Million
  • The best exotic Marigold hotel – $3.2 Million
  • The Hunger Games – $3 Million
  • Think like a man – $2.7 Million
  • The lucky one – $1.7 Million
  • The Pirates! Band of misfits – $1.4 Million

The Avengers currently has a grand total of $1.18 Billion, bringing the House of Mouse owned property into fourth place, on the chart for highest grossing movies of all time. Scrooge McDuck is going to drown himself in that amount of cash.

Last Updated: May 21, 2012

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