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MONTY PYTHON goes full monty and bags some cash

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One of my father’s favourite shows of all time is the classic and downright hysterical Monty Python. He tells me that back in the day when he was living in London, the streets of his suburb were empty when the show was on; pubs on the other hand were making a killing with patrons spilling their beer every few seconds laughing literally ‘out loud’ while watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Of course these days you don’t need to go to the pub to watch shows and can turn to the ever omnipresent Internet. Indeed YouTube has every Monty Python sketch and movie available for free, something that you would think may have dismayed the people who put their time and money into its creation.

We all know digital rights and the implementation of their laws is not an easy thing to carry out; none more so than the UK government who very recently dropped its proposed plan to force ISPs to chase those who broke the law. So how do you beat em? Simple, Join em!

Since the inception of the new and FREE Monty Python YouTube Channel, DVD sales of the show have shot up some 23,000%, if figures are to be believed. Boasting every episode in awesome resolution and labelled for easy browsing, people are now snapping up the DVDs through links offered on screen. Before, those unscrupulous (never me) enough to want to view for free had to put up with (I am told) bad quality uploads and badly labelled listings.

Also, with the new channel the cast have actually asked people to buy the DVD. I must say a 23,000% DVD sale increase shows some serious brand loyalty and I am really glad to see that. Let’s see what the crazy cast think about this. Have a watch below.


What do you think, would you use the channel and then buy the DVD? Or do you think it’s pointless once you’ve seen an episode?

Last Updated: August 27, 2014


  1. I have a best of boxset and still watch the stuff on youtube, easier to find the skit you need to see right now.


  2. Alex Hicks

    August 28, 2014 at 07:55

    I have the entire series boxset already. But labelled by skit makes it quicker and easier. If I didn’t already own the dvd’s, would I buy them after using the channel? Maybe – hard to say really. Monty Python is so good I just might.


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