MONTY PYTHON is reuniting for a new project

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John Cleese, Terry Jones, Terry Gillian, Eric Idle, Michael Palin

And now for something completely different. As far as comedy acts go, Monty Python is one such group which helped usher in a new breed of comedy and sketches, from their groundbreaking work on the Flying Circus TV series, through to their various films which examined everything from feudal systems to naughty messiahs.

Ever since they wrapped up on the Meaning of Life way back in 1989, the group has seldom been together. They’ve done an anniversary sketch here and there, but the group has yet to reunite under the Monty Python banner for any new projects. Until today that is.

Surviving Pythons John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle have revealed that after months of “secret talks”, the group was planning on reforming to create something new for a possible new TV series. What the show will be exactly is unclear, as Jones explained to the BBC that “We’re getting together and putting on a show – it’s real.”

Rumours point to the show possibly being live, something that the Pythons are more than familiar with based on the tours that they did of the UK and the USA when they hit the big time. Ever since Graham Chapman died though, reuniting the cast has been a dodgy issue, with a planned American tour in 1999 being scuppered due to disagreements. More details are being promised for Thursday, so in the meantime, enjoy this live performance to get you in the mood for whatever it is that they have planned.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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