MPAA's Chris Dodd calls anti-piracy bill SOPA defeat a 'Watershed Event'

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ll know all about how the majority of the internet savvy global population managed to derail the SOPA and PIPA bills, two anti-piracy acts which would have seen the internet as we know it effectively censored like a communist-era newspaper on democracy.

MPAA Chairman Christopher Dodd, who was all in for the bill alongside his organization before the Internet got all in its face, has remarked that the moment itself was a “Watershed event”.

“It’s a watershed event, what happened,” Dodd admitted to THR, saying that bill-opponents’ “ability to organize and communicate directly with consumers” was a game-changing phenomenon that he hadn’t seen after serving more than three decades in public office, he said while sitting at the Sundance Film Festival’s daily Cinema Café speaker series at the Filmmaker Lodge

Dodd was in good spirits however, despite having taken a massive hulk-level hammering from the defeat of the bill. “Up until a week ago I thought that was a pretty good decision,” Dodd joked.

But things got serious however, when Dodd described the chaotic debate of the fallout of the bill defeat as “white noise”. “We’ve gotta find a better way to have that conversation than we have in the last two weeks.”

While everyone seems to be onboard for fighting piracy, its the manner in doing so that has people divided, with Dodd describing the feelings as a “hyperbolic hysteria”.

Sundance 2012 has highlighted the importance of anti-piracy methods this year, as numerous indie filmmakers have described how struggling to get a film financed and made has become even more difficult due to rampant piracy.

But until both sides can resolve a way to stop piracy, it looks like this straw man argument is going to continue for a long time still.

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

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