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Neil Marshall captains a new Dracula ship

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Dracula, the granddaddy of the Nosferatu, has been portrayed in every conceivable way, in every imaginable medium. Each story usually ends with more wooden steaks than a Buffy convention, and yet, audiences seem to never grow weary of the fanged one.

And while quite a few Dracula reboots are currently doing the rounds in Hollywood, the idea of a Vampire film set on a terrorised boat, sounds oddly appealing.

Count us in for that flick.

The last voyage of Demeter recently received a new helmer, in the form of Neil “Centurion” Marshall, who’s looking to bring the tale of the cursed crew that brought ol’ Vladdy to the coast of merry England, before they were all sucked dry, save for the poor captain .

David “30 Days of night” Slade had originally been attached to the project, but had to jump ship after he took on one too many projects, to be able to faithfully commit to Demeter.

Marshall is no stranger to grim and gritty films, as he has also directed Burst 3D, Underground, and an upcoming episode of the popular mini-series, Game of Thrones.

Vamps on a Boat! Someone get Samuel L Jackson to star in this already!

Last Updated: May 14, 2012

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