New MIB3 trailer – We're getting too old for getting high and pimp slapping Andy Warhol while aliens invade

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After the first two reasonably fun alien-fueled romps, a followup Men In Black film was neither expected nor asked for, but clearly Will Smith loves more money.  I began pretty reticent, but I’ve slowly been warming up to the idea of a third film, and though it hasn’t won me over entirely, this latest trailer has gone a long way to get me interested.

Smith seems to be back to doing what he does best – being black and funny – as he channels his inner Roger Murtaugh, whereas Josh Brolin’s impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones goes beyond uncanny. It’s more like Jones is actually wearing a Brolin flesh-suit. Which in the context of the MIB universe is not entirely impossible.


Now while I’ll admit that that certainly looks some good ol’ alien bashing MIB fun, there is a massive question mark hanging over this film in the form of the script. Specifically, that production began on the film while it was not even finished yet. This is of course not unheard of in Hollywood; Iron Man – one of the most successful comic book adaptations ever made – apparently had the writers just making stuff up on the fly and we all know how amazing that turned out.

Let’s hope that they can do the same with this movie, and if not, we’ll just blame Will Smith.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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