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New plot details for LOGAN reveal a film “darker” than any X-Men movie

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It’s better to burn out, than to fade away. That’s the mantra of many a rock star, a way of life that a certain Canadian berserker clearly missed out on. With one last film in him, Hugh Jackman’s third solo Wolverine movie which is simply titled Logan, is going to see the former X-Man at his lowest point. This week saw the official reveal of Logan, a movie which finds an aged Wolverine well past his prime in a dark and hostile future landscape.

Burnt out and his healing factor no longer what it once was as he spends every day living in a state of chronic pain that he dulls with alcohol, time has not been kind to the Wolverine. So how many years have passed since Logan was last seen slicing and dicing his way through hordes of ninjas in Japan? Quite a few decades, as sources over at The Wrap shared a few new details. I’ve got them listed below, so now here’s your chance to exit before anything gets spoilt for you and you decide to blame me. Listen mom, I know you’re reading this. You’ve been warned.


  • Logan takes place in 2024
  • The tone has been described as “Darker than any other other Wolverine or X-Men movie”
  • The girl in the poster is a young mutant, who happens to share a similar mutation as Logan and has two claws instead of the usual three
  • It’s heavily hinted at that this is actually the infamous X-23, a clone of Wolverine
  • Logan will mentor X-23
  • Mutant births have been declining severely for several years
  • A government operation called “Transgien” has been rounding up mutant children for the sole purpose of turning them into killing machines
  • Professor X has seen better days. Older and his powers now completely unstable, Charles Xavier sometimes forgets who Logan is as his mind has begun to break down
  • Professor X is taken care of by the mutant Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant

Director James Mangold also released a photo of Patrick Stewart’s 2024 Professor X, who now looks old as f***:

And man, that is a depressing start to the final Wolverine film. The world has apparently gone to hell, Wolverine is a shadow of his former self and being a mutant generally sucks even more than usual. Yeesh. Hopefully there’s some bright light at the end of this tunnel, as James Howlett could surely use some motivation to drag his adamantium-laced skeleton out of bed every morning.

Logan hits cinemas next year on March 3.

Last Updated: October 7, 2016

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