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New TV spot and images for The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games has had a really interesting marketing campaign, with a lot of it presented as if they were actually TV or print ads from Suzanne Collins’ fictional futuristic world. In keeping with that theme, a trio of new images have been released, this time with the spotlight on Lenny Kravitz’s futuristic fashionista, Cinna.

A new TV spot has also been unveiled, showing off a few more scenes of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark’s (Josh Hutcherson) preparation for the games.

First up the pics, which do indeed look like they were pulled straight out of a fashion magazine. Weirdly though, this is probably about as “normal looking” as you get to see Cinna in the books. His usual flamboyant flair is completely missing here, which is a bit of a strange choice, as I would have expected the studios to want to sell the uniqueness of some of the characters.

Next, is the new TV spot titled “Team”. It’s compiled mostly of scenes we’ve seen before in the full length trailer, but there are a couple of new ones showing off some of the buildup to the Hunger Games with Katniss and Peter showing off their respective strengths in training.


One thing I have noticed about all the trailers and TV spots released thus far, is that none of them are playing up the romance angle. You sure as hell won’t find me complaining about this choice though, as that was by far the weakest and most irritating aspect of the story.

Against my better judgement I am really looking forward to The Hunger Games. I know how insipid the sequel books became, but the first was pretty enjoyable. And with the cast and crew behind this, it could actually turn out to be pretty good.

Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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