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The Nice terror attack stops BASTILLE DAY in its tracks

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Bastille Day is pulled from theatres in France following the Nice terror attack.

This past weekend France started taking stock of the horrific terrorist attack in which over 80 people were killed and hundreds injured. The terror attack took place on Bastille Day – which celebrates the French Revolution – and saw a man drive a large truck through crowds who had gathered to watch a fireworks display.

Such an event will have a lot of consequences, including really bad luck for the Idris Alba-led movie Bastille Day. The film had been doing so-so across the globe, but was set to cash in on French goodwill by being released on the same day as the holiday it shares its name with.

Alas, the theme is completely wrong: Alba plays a CIA agent who helps stop a terrorist plot that would take place on the popular holiday. Though the movie does not involve trucks mowing down people indiscriminately, it cut too close to the bone. StudioCanal, which distributes Bastille Day around France, first pulled all the ads, but then put out a notice that the movie should not be screened either.

This appears to be voluntary, but even if a few theatres decide to go ahead, it will be a far cry from the 240 screens the movie was destined for.

Bastille Day joins a growing club of movies that had to step back in the wake of a terror attack. Last year the thriller Made In France was delayed because of the Paris terror attacks. Gangster Squad, Jack Reacher and Django Unchained all pushed back their release after gun massacres in the U.S., and Collateral Damage was one of several films that were postponed or underwent edits after the 2001 Twin Tower attacks in New York.

Last Updated: July 18, 2016

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