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On The Radar: 20 Movies To Look Out for In The Next 2 Months

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From Turtles to Terry Gilliam, here are a selection of the films that hit the international circuit between now and October, as compiled by our writers…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The heroes in half shells are back, with so much added Michael Bay that we keep forgetting he’s not directing it.  (Due: TBA)
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Into the Storm
Into the Storm: With computer special effects at its zenith, nothing can stop the forces of nature or disaster movies anymore. (Due:  05-Sep-2014)
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Let's Be Cops
Let’s Be Cops: Two out-of-luck actors start impersonating cops. Naturally this all works out fine in completely family-friendly fashion. (Due: 22-Aug-2014)
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Hercules The Thracian Wars
Hercules The Thracian Wars: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Hercules, son of Zeus, wearer of lion skins and clubber of gigantic boars. (Due:  08-Aug-2014)
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Lucy: Pro tip to gangsters – if your hostage is smuggling bags of a superhuman-creating substance in her stomach, don’t kick her in the stomach. (Due:  29-Aug-2014)
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Guardians Of The Galaxy:  Wisecracking heroes, hot alien babes with swords, hulking ex-wrestlers with really big knives, massive space battles,villains in hoodies with giant hammers, a giant living tree and a cigar smoking raccoon with a thing for automatic weapons. What more could you ask for? (Due:  01-Aug-2014)
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As Above, So Below
As Above, So Below: Nothing is safe from the probing eyes of found-footage filmmakers, not even the labyrinthine catacombs beneath Paris. Turns out something evil is down there. Go figure. (Due: 05-Sep-2014)
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Dinosaur 13
Dinosaur 13: Though sadly not a Syfy original production of fossils coming alive and eating people, this doccie about a town fighting to get its T-Rex skeleton back looks like a heart warmer. They probably get their skeleton back. (Due:  TBA)
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The Expendables 3
The Expendables 3:  The action movie of the year boasts a lead cast with more years between them than a Miami singles club, only this time it’s a limp PG13, because, you know, f**k it. “Ow, my back”. (Due: 15-Aug-2014)
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The Prince
The Prince: Bruce Willis is a bad guy looking for revenge, so he kidnaps someone’s daughter to lure a retired kingpin out of hiding, who then buddies with John Cusask. How’s it feel to be on the other side, McClane? (Due:  22-Aug-2014)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For:  Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller know that Hollywood has been churning out movies with so much Baysplosion colour that a sequel to the 2005 Sin City is just what the doctor ordered. (Due: 22-Aug-2014)
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The November Man
The November Man: Liam Neeson once again steps… No, sorry, Pierce Brosnan is coming out of retirement to tap his CIA super-agent skills and protect the life of some defenceless woman from his former protégé. (Due: 05-Sep-2014)
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The Green Inferno
The Green Inferno: Some bunny huggers decide to head to Brazil to save the Rain Forest, but are instead saved for human desert. Expect a lot of screaming and stereotyped indigenous cannibals. And blood, lots and lots of blood. (Due: TBA)
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Hector And The Search For Happiness
Hector And The Search For Happiness: Can one man find happiness by traveling the globe and experiencing all kinds of cool stuff? Simon Pegg is back in the precarious world of contemplative comedy. (Due:  TBA)
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The Equalizer
The Equalizer: Here we have another man with a very particular set of skills… Yup, more Old Wolf action fodder, but with Denzel and his man Fuqua. Make space at the top, Liam. (Due: 26-Sep-2014)
Box Trolls
The Boxtrolls: Your CGI is pitiful. Stop-motion masters Laika are back with another amazing creation that looks set to blow everyone’s minds. (Due: 28-Nov-2014)
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No Good Deed
No Good Deed: Idris Elba aims to collect a few bad boy points on his resume by playing the villain in this twisted home-invasion thriller. (Due: 31-Oct-2014)
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The Drop
The Drop: Hopefully Tom Hardy can outshine the shadow cast by the ghost of James Gandolfini in this mob-themed thriller. (Due: TBA)
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The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner: An impressive cast of young adults is stuck in a mysterious enclosure and the only way out is a maze full of stuff that wants to eat them. (Due: 26-Sep-2014)
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The Zero Theorem
The Zero Theorem: Terry Gilliam is going back to crazy with this strange sci-fi with Christoph Waltz caving under the weight of future society. It’s a 21st Century trip to Brazil! (Due: TBA)

Last Updated: July 23, 2014

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  1. Hercules and Expendables a must in the cinema. Guardians and Turtles – might need some peer pressure from my friends for the cinema, but still want to see it. Rest…meh


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