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Owen Wilson talks ZOOLANDER 2

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Derek Zoolander may have been the star of his own movie, which is kind of the reason why it was called Zoolander to begin with, but Hansel was the up and coming young talent that stole the show.

Owen Wilson’s rival male model part helped make Zoolander a cult hit, with the blonde guru dispensing such wonderful tidbits of wisdom such as advising people to listen to their pal Billy Zane. And that’s a role that Wilson wasn’t convinced would work exactly, as he explained to Collider:

It’s funny because the movie didn’t do that well but I guess over the years it’s developed a cult following. When we first announced the movie at the Paris fashion show, we didn’t know what the reaction would be but it seemed to be like a rock concert. I think that got us excited to then go and film the movie in Rome.

So where is Hansel in Zoolander 2? In a funk, according to Wilson:

Well it’s not like it’s The Sixth Sense but they’re trying not to have us talk too much about it. But the movie picks up fourteen years later and Hansel at this point is not modeling the way that he used to be. I think the script’s really funny and hopefully the movie will turn out as good.

Zoolander 2 reunites Wilson with Ben Stiller, as the two have to work on becoming relevant in the modelling industry again after they become afflicted with a crippling case of realising that they may be old. Also, Derek probably still can’t turn left. BLUE STEEL!

Last Updated: August 27, 2015

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