You might be stung in the DAY OF THE DOCTOR

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Doctor Who

In less than eight weeks, Doctor Who will be a fifty year old TV series. There’s not too many shows that can boast such longevity, unless its soap operas. Which will most likely still be around after the next atomic war. So with two months to go, it’s time to start some marketing.

So prepare yourselves, for a few stings.

And by stings, I mean a ten second video which features Matt Smith’s voice and the original Doctor Who theme. Oooh, sting indeed. But fret not! A full trailer is on the way at least, that has been specially created and filmed for the 50th anniversary special that is now known as The Day of the Doctor. Here’s a behind the scenes image to tide you over until then.

Day of the doctor who

The Day of the Doctor arrives November 23, and will be followed in December by a Christmas special which sees current Time Lord Matt Smith hand over his role to Peter Capaldi.

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

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