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It's pure carmageddon in the trailer for DEATH RACE 2050

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death race 2050 by roger corman

Move aside, Sharknado, the king of B-movies is about to take back his throne. Roger Corman may be 90 years old, but he still makes movies. Bad movies – and few were badder than the cult classic Death Race 2000. Earlier this year he revealed he is making a sequel and now the trailer has finally arrived.

It is bad.

It is SO bad.

I can’t wait…

Frankenstein is back, but more importantly, Corman is about to put his stamp down as the B-movie emperor. He even hired Malcolm McDowell! Add cheesy special effects, cheesy costumes, cheesy cars… Death Race 2050 is going to be awesome.

So what do you think? If you are already a fan, just skip the rest…

WTF did I just watch?

Now, some of you may be confused. This is not a continuation of the Death Race remake by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Jason Statham. I love that movie too – it was a fine reboot for the series (not so much its two sequels). But Corman’s version started back in the seventies, with David Carradine (Kill Bill) as Frankenstein, the mysterious racer and multiple winner of the Death Race. His nemesis was a young Sylvester Stallone and the result was a carsploitation movie that nobody ever even tried to match until the game Carmageddon and Anderson’s remake. It was a grubby exploitation movie where the budget was as low as the brows making it.

So if this new movie looks cheap, it’s supposed to be.

You may also wonder why Corman is ripping off the Hunger Games. Okay, he did appear to lift the costume design ideas. Yet while Death Race 2000 lacked ridiculous hairstyles, it already had the whole ‘televised death games for the audiences of a dystopian future full of demagogues and vapid media talking heads’ thing down. As far as I am concerned, Hunger Games is just Death Race 2000 without cars or gratuitous nudity.

Death Race 2050 will be released in January 2017.

Last Updated: October 11, 2016

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