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Race and prejudice are at the heart of this teaser trailer for Candyman

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Remakes are an inevitable part of movies. As much as fans say they want original stories, taking an existing popular franchise with a good storytelling device and repurposing it for a modern audience is a safe way for many studios to make money. However, that does not mean remakes can’t do their own thing and tell a familiar story in a way that is uniquely their own and often adds a completely different message to it in the process.

This appears to be what is happening with the new Candyman film from director Nia DeCosta and producer Jordan Peele. While the original Candyman film from horror legend Clive Barker is mostly known for some excellent scares and gore, the film also dealt with issues of race, prejudice, and America’s history of slavery. These aspects weren’t touched on too heavily though, but the remake is seemingly changing that and bringing an entirely different aesthetic to that emotional heart to the story as this short teaser showcases:

It might be short, but whereas the first trailer for the film focused heavily on the character of Anthony, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, this short teaser gives us a glimpse of the Candyman for the first time and the horrific events that led to his creation. What is also interesting is that the character we see in the painting itself is the Candyman portrayed by the original actor Tony Todd himself. So it will be interesting to see if he makes a return as the character he played all those years ago or if this movie looks to create a new version of the character. There have also been hints that Abdul-Mateen’s Anthony may be the grown-up version of a baby seen in the first film.

The movie is certainly looking good though and could hopefully give audiences something new and unexpected when it releases on September 25th. Or whenever it does eventually release given the uncertainty around cinema reopening’s around the world.

Last Updated: June 30, 2020

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