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Ray Fisher’s Cyborg reportedly written out of The Flash movie

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Ok let’s catch everybody up to speed: Ray Fisher played Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s 2017 DC Comics superhero movie Justice League but saw his role dramatically diminished when Snyder had to leave the production due to a family tragedy. New director Joss Whedon, under instruction from Warner Bross/DC Films brass after the mixed response to Batman v Superman, massively reshot Justice League, dropping huge amounts of Snyder’s already shot footage (all of which will now give us the four-hour Justice League “Snyder Cut” miniseries version on HBO Max in March). On top of Cyborg’s storyline being chopped, Fisher came out last year to allege… some form of mistreatment from Whedon during filming. The details of this were not revealed publicly due to the potential legality of the matter, but Fisher just described it as “gross, abusive, unprofessional”.

Fisher also alleged that producer Jon Berg and Geoff Johns “enabled” Whedon’s transgressions and tried to strongarm the young actor into letting it all go. This led to a social media war of words between the various parties – all speaking around the details though, so again we don’t know exactly what happened – and eventually an investigation by WB. Well, that was after Fisher refused to work with the studio’s investigators who he proclaimed as biased. But in the end, after new people were put on it, an investigation happened and it was concluded that… well, they still wouldn’t reveal what was found, just that “remedial action” had been taken.

Fisher, like the rest of us, seemingly isn’t happy with that response, especially since it doesn’t look like anybody involved is actually being disciplined. Whedon has publicly stepped away from some future products, but his statement was that it was of his own volition due to being too busy at the moment. So, of course, Fisher has continued warring with the studio, most recently declaring that he refuses to work on any films with which DC Films boss Walter Hamada is associated, calling the exec “the most dangerous kind of enabler”. And that all leads us to the most recent twist in this tale.

If you’re thinking that Fisher’s declaration could be tricky seeing as for a long time now it was known that he is supposed to reprise his role as Cyborg in the upcoming Flash movie led by Ezra Miller (and which Hamada is using to seemingly setting up the entire DC Comics movie multiverse going forward), you’re not alone. But apparently, DC Films has found a simple solution: take Fisher out of the movie.

According to an initial report from The Wrap, Fisher was written out of the Flash movie seemingly after his declaration to not work with Hamada again. However, in a five-part Twitter thread, Fisher denies the implication that it was through his actions that he essentially “stepped down” from the role. Instead, he says that the studio “made the decision to remove me from The Flash, rather than address, in any way, Walter Hamada tampering with the JL investigation”.

In the thread, Fisher also alleges that WB parent company Warner Media and all its affiliates have cut ties with Whedon and that “Geoff Johns will be following suit”. However, a new report from Variety reveals that Johns still has “multiple projects” on the go with Warner Media, including his role as exec producer on a number of DC Comics TV series including Titans, Stargirl, Batwoman, Doom Patrol, and the upcoming Superman & Lois.

After WB’s investigation had an outside law firm interview over 80 people, the studio has stated that “The investigation has concluded, and it is time to move on.” Based on Fisher’s most recent statements though and the lack of visible repercussions for the parties involved, I highly doubt this is going away any time soon. Not to mention that the upcoming re-release of Justice League is probably the last time we’re going to see Fisher’s Cyborg on-screen going forward.

Last Updated: January 8, 2021


  1. Sadly, he’s learnt a valuable lesson. The house always wins, and when you’re still an up-and-comer, and you make too much noise, you lose parts, and then invariably your agent starts to get less offers for auditions, and you get less call-backs at auditions.

    He was probably in the right, especially calling out Josh Whedon, and some of the management, but for all Hollywood’s pandering about black lives matter, and plastering it all over their Twitter accounts or websites, it’s all just PR.

    But that’s how the cookie crumbles.


    • cloudzn

      January 8, 2021 at 16:21

      I agree with him pushing on the Whedon issues but the b*tching about the reduced role is a no no, it happens all the time in Hollywoodland. He should have just taken it in his stride but acting like toddler throwing a tantrum afterwards is only going to hurt his career, simply put his ego was writing cheques his career can’t cash


  2. Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

    January 11, 2021 at 05:03

    What I can’t figure out is why all that bulking up when they only used half of his face?


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