Rebecca Hall now replacing Jessica Chastain in Iron Man 3?

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Following on from yesterday’s announced departure of Jessica Chastain from Iron Man 3 due to her coming down with an acute case of Too-Much-Damn-Work, Marvel Studios has apparently wasted no time in finding a replacement.

Variety is reporting that the studios will in fact not be going with the the 3 other actresses (Gemma Arterton, Diane Kruger and Isla Fisher) whose names had been thrown about along with Chastain’s, but will instead be giving the role to The Town star Rebecca Hall.

The 29-year old British actress, who broke onto the international scene opposite Javier Bardiem and Penelope Cruz in Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona, may be most widely known for her dramatic turn with a dour Ben Affleck and a scene-stealing Jeremy Renner in Affleck’s 2010 crime drama, but she also turned in a memorable performance opposite Christian Bale in Chris Nolan’s The Prestige. Quite clearly she can hold her own opposite walking charisma generators, which is exactly what she needs to bring to table seeing as her character is being described as an intellectual rival to Robert Downey Jr’s scenery-chewing Tony Stark.

Thus far, details of the threequel have been kept under wraps although it has been strongly hinted that writer/director Shane Black’s script will be heavily influenced by Warren Ellis’ Extremis comic storyline. If that is the case, then Hall will more than likely take on the role of Dr. Maya Hansen, one of the creators of the Extremis nanotechnology that grant’s Tony Stark unparalleled control over his Iron Man armour.

The film begins shooting this month in North Carolina, USA, before moving onto China soon.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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