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Redrum – Mark Romanek to direct The Shining prequel OVERLOOK HOTEL

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HEEERE’S ANOTHER PREQUEL! Whether you love or hate the film, it’s hard to deny that The Shining is an exceptionally well-developed movie. Whatever related project follows that cult classic, it’s going to have some big boots to fill in the actor-tormenting and dangerously obsessive pursuit of perfection department. Hopefully, Mark Romanek wears a size extra-Kubrick, as he will be headed to the Overlook Hotel.


Currently in talks to get to the bottom of that Overlook mystery, Romanek will be working off a script from Glenn “The Walking Dead” Mazzara is he gets the gig. Based on the Stephen King prologue to the original novel which was cut out, that story will take place at the turn of the 20th century and focus on the first hotel owner, Bob T. Watson. Presumably, things go downhill for Watson and his family, ending with somebody getting an axe wound or two. Presumably.

Romanek could be a solid choice here. Past film credits include One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go, so he has the eery angle hooked in. The only danger however, is that Romanek has a habit of walking off films that no longer interest him during the pre-production stage, with movies such as The Wolfman and Cinderella seeing the director vanish.

Hopefully, he’ll be sticking around for The Overlook Hotel, seeing as how he has already just departed the Casey Affleck crime film Boston Strangler.



Last Updated: July 21, 2014

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