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Ridley Scott heads to Japan for a day

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If he’s not tormenting our fellow writer Kervyn with easter eggs and vague references for the trailers in Prometheus, then Ridley Scott is busy with other film projects.

One such is Japan in a day, which will see the veteran filmmaker  executive produce a documentary wherein thousands of Japanese participants will capture footage of their nation for 24 hours, as well as for charity.

It’s all part of the Life in a day series of films from National Geographic, and will see willing contributors submit material onto YouTube, using 200 cameras that local broadcaster Fuji TV has donated for the March 11 event.

The gathered material will then be spliced together for one big feature, shown at cinemas with all proceeds going to charity. Scott is producing, while Kevin MacDonald will direct.

For an idea into what the film will be like, take a look at the original Life in a day trailer from the 2011 Sundance festival.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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