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Ridley Scott is producing a new live-action HALO series

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As both a video game and movie fanboy, I don’t think I was ever as disappointed in the cancellation of a movie project as when Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson’s planned Halo feature film adaptation got scrapped. And since then, Microsoft appears to be on a mission to remind us all just how awesome it could have been, by producing a number of rather excellent Halo digital series/short films that boasts exactly the tone, visuals, and storytelling that we were all so excited to see in a movie. Scumbag Microsoft.

And now another one is on the way, this time with acclaimed Oscar nominated director Ridley Scott overseeing it all.


According to a report from Variety, this live-action series is being developed by Xbox Entertainment Studios – the branch of Microsoft task with creating original serialized content for the Xbox Live platform – along with 343 Entertainment, while Ridley Scott and his Scott Free partner David Zucker will be exec producing.

This new show isn’t to be confused with the other Halo series also being developed by Xbox Entertainment Studios which Steven Spielberg is exec producing. There is a bit a of a Spielberg connection though.

Sergi0 Mimica-Gezzan, who has been Spielberg’s first assistant director for most of the award winning filmmaker’s pics since Schindler’s List and has several TV directing credits like Battlestar Galactica to his name, has been attached to direct this new series, which is being described as “more modestly budgeted” than Spielberg’s own series. In fact, the new show is said to be more in the vein of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, the short-form series that was originally released episodically on the Xbox platform, before seeing wider release as a single feature-length film.


I was a huge fan of Forward Unto Dawn, and if that’s the type of smaller scaled, but still highly polished entertainment we should expect, then I am all for it. At this moment, there are no details on the plot of this series, but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say that while Spielberg’s more blockbuster-ish series will probably focus on the adventures of Halo‘s prime protagonist, Master Chief, this smaller scaled one will focus on some of the other characters/events in the universe. Maybe follow some of the new generation of Spartans or perhaps something around the famed ODST group.

Whatever the narrative focus, more Halo on our screens is never a bad thing. Well, except when it reminds us that we could probably have had a bunch of Halo movies by now. C’mon, Microsoft, you know you want to.

Last Updated: April 3, 2014

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  1. If they make it like Above and Beyond I am in.


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