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Ridley Scott to tell the Biblical story of DAVID

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No, this is not some kind of confused de ja vu. The impressive looking trailer for Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings just dropped yesterday, showing off the Alien director’s own vision of the famed biblical story of Moses. And it seems that all that Old Testament sun agrees with Scott, as according to Variety, he and 20th Century Fox are looking to keep this bible story trend going by bringing the story of David to the screen.


Tentatively titled just David for now, Scott will produce while maybe also looking to direct the tale of the famous giant slayer turned king. And it’s that “turned king” part that will apparently be the focus of this movie. Scott has tapped relative newcomer Jonathan Stokes (El Gringo) to pen a script that will focus on David’s life after the famous mano-a-slingo fight the young Jewish shepherd boy had with the unbeatean, giant Phillistine warrior Goliath, who he felled with a single stone from his sling according to the Biblical tale.

That encounter made David a hero in the eyes of the Israelites (though not so much for King of Israel, Saul, who felt threatened by the young David) and propelled him up the social strata until he eventually ended up on the throne himself. David’s rise to power and his 40-year reign was not without incident, and several of these events could be ripe for the cinematic picking. They could delve into his scandalous affair with the married Bathsheba, his conquering of Jerusalem or the rebellion of his son Absolom, although my personal pick would the year-long personal battle he waged with Saul after the jealous King tried to kill him, kicking off a long game of cat and mouse.

With Scott already set to probably tackle the sci-fi film The Martian with Mark Wahlberg next, and with a Prometheus sequel also still waiting in the wings, it seems that availability might determine whether or not Scott will also be behind the camera or just producing from the sidelines. Based on how good Exodus: Gods and Kings is looking, I would actually be happy for him to postpone those gigs and rather tackle this instead.

With Darren Aronofsky’s Noah – which may have left audiences and critics divided with its more, shall we say fantastical additions (rock monster angels, come on down!) – having clocked in at about $359 million at the global box office, and now with these latest developments, it seems our very own Darryn was right on the money with his early 2014 prediction that Bible stories would become the next big thing in Hollywood.

Now if only he could be as accurate with his Lotto number predictions for me.

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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