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Robert Pattinson is all bloody in this first image from

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You know what? Robert Pattinson is actually a pretty damn good actor. He’s just had the misfortune in life, to have to star in the Twilight films opposite Kristen “Blue Steel” Stewart. The man has stretched his acting muscles in other films, and with that overly long franchise over, he can go make some more movies that don’t require his hair to immaculately coiffed or his skin to be bleached.

And that’s just what Pat-a-Pattinson is doing next, in The Rover.

Guy Pearce is obviously very, very angry with Pattinson in this first official image from EW, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the Team Jacob T shirt that Pearce has on underneath. Pattinson stars in a film where in the near future, mankind has pretty much tapped far too many natural resources, leading to a huge economic collapse.

But there is one continent that is still up for grabs, one land down under that is potentially rich with resources. Yep, I’m talking about Australia, vegemite sammiches and all. “It’s like a new gold rush,” said David Michôd, who co-wrote the story with Joel Edgerton, to Entertainment Weekly. “Where people from all corners of the world have come out to the desert to scrape out an existence. Petty criminals and miscreants and hustlers.”

Don’t count on too many Mad Max references though, says Michod:

You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of Mad Max. And with all due respect to that film –and I stress that – I think The Rover is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing.

There’s no release date yet for The Rover, but it should be out sometime in 2014.

Last Updated: March 14, 2013

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