Rumour – Director Daniel Espinosa is entering the animus for ASSASSIN'S CREED

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Video games are rarely decent. There’s a few standout examples that prove otherwise however, such as Silent Hill and…Well that’s about all I have. Assassin’s Creed however, could be the one adaptation that could actually be decent. It’s got a great cast, a story that can easily be altered and still remain faithful to the video game franchise and plenty of room to make something grand and iconic.

What it needs though, is someone in charge to pull all those elements together into one single cohesive vision. And it looks like Daniel “Safe House” Espinosa is the man for the job.

Daniel Espinosa

The latest rumour according to Twitch is that Espinosa will indeed helm the flick, that’ll star Michael Fassbender as he parkours across cityscapes in order to stop a Templar plot to dominate humanity. Only the Assassins can stop the Templars, and Fassbender’s Desmond Miles might just hold the key to success, in his genetic memory code and hoo boy this film is going to be weird when I try to explain it further to people.

Epsinosa could be a good fit though for Assassin’s Creed. Safe House was as tense a flick as could be, while he flexed some action muscles in Snabba Cash. AC may not be the kind of crime thriller that the Swedish director is used to helming, but hey it can’t hurt to give him a shot, right? After all, intelligence and action worked out pretty well for The Raid.


Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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