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Ryan Gosling is beaten black and white in these new images for ONLY GOD FORGIVES

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Nicolas Winding-Refn’s Drive was easily one of the highlights of 2011. Moody and shockingly violent, it sported phenomenal performances from its cast, a haunting soundtrack and the coolest shiny jacket the world has seen since Michael Jackson raided the Navy surplus store. So it’s with much bated breath that I’m awaiting the Danish director’s next team-up with mumble-mouthed badass Ryan Gosling, called Only God Forgives, which sounds like it could be even more violent than Drive.

As a testament to that, the only images we’ve seen thus far from the film, feature Gosling’s poster boy features all busted up. Well, these new images are not much different, but they do get a bit more arty though.

The film sees Gosling as Julian, an exiled cop-killer lying low in Bangkok, Thailand where he runs a Thai-boxing club. When his visiting brother kills a local prostitute, the local gangs have a corrupt and vicious cop kill Julian’s brother as retribution, sending Julian’s life into a downward spiral of betrayal and violence. Not helping matters much is the arrival of his merciless criminal mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) baying for the blood of the man that killed her son.

You know that hectic elevator scene in Drive?  Well this is basically that for 90 minutes, interspersed with angry tattooed Asians and Ryan Gosling doing Mauy Thai. Where do I sign up?

There is no current release date set other than sometime in the first half of 2013.

(Source: Kinopoisk)

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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