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Rza lines up his next projects, No Mans Land and a Genghis Khan biopic

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It seems that Rza has a fever, and the only prescription, is more directing! With his debut film, The Man With the Iron Fists, just around the corner (internationally that is, still no word of a local release date), the former Wu Tang clan man is already looking at future projects, and has lined up two more to his busy slate.

Rza is still looking to do an adaptation of the Grant Morrison comic, Happy, while also starting work on No Man’s Land, which was written by Trey Ellis and David Kless, with production assists from Bill Mechanic and Reginald “Django Unchained Hudlin.

Described as a film about a “man who steals a powerful criminal’s diamond that soon proves to be far more valuable than initially thought. With the help of a dancer, he attempts to stay alive and cash in on the jewel.”

All set in one single night, the pitch has echoes of The Warriors within it, and will most likely be the film project that Rza tackles next. Moving on, Rza also has his eye set on the scourge of god himself, Genghis Khan, as he looks to bring to life a tale about the Mongol leader that gave Europe and Asia an excuse to wet their robes back in the day.

Rza is reportedly already doing some early prep work for that one, as he’ll return to China to shoot it, after filming Iron Fists in that country. The man has a busy schedule ahead of him, and his reputation is going to rely on his first film being a success in order to keep that momentum going.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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