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SA’s Weekend Top 10 (24 to 26 July)

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People often complain there is nothing new worth watching. This week they were definitely not wrong…

Minions is holding onto its top spot for a third week running. That’s good, because despite having earned more per week than Despicable Me 2, it is also slowing down faster. If they can hold the ship together for a few more weeks, they should beat that movie and pass the billion dollar mark. But it may also come to a premature halt.


In second place is the debut of Pixels, perhaps the year’s worst-reviewed blockbuster. So far it has also not been a great earner, but won’t go down as one of the year’s biggest bombs, thanks to a relatively modest $88 million budget.


Jurassic World drops down one spot to third, but it has been moving up and down the charts for a while – politely making way for newcomers, but not really ceding much territory. Unless this suddenly runs out of steam, Pixels turns out to be a performer or something else that is big arrives this weekend, Jurassic World will be back in number 2 come next week.


At number four is the debut of the Entourage movie, which everyone says is too late, too little and too much like a regular TV episode. Having never seen any bit of this show at all, I’ve got no opinion either way.


Terminator: Genisys is continuing its downward spiral. The worst-performing film in the franchise, it slips two spots to number 5.

Pixar’s Inside Out, on the other hand, is a massive hit for the studio. But it also dropped two spots from last week as audiences had enough of their fix. No doubt Minions is also stealing a lot of its audience.

Inside Out

The Dwayne Johnson vehicle San Andreas also drops two spots to number seven, slowly exiting the charts after a pretty decent run.


It’s like they are all conjoined. Magic Mike XXL is another two-spot dropper, now at eight. This despite staying at sixth for two weeks running.


Spy drops a humble one spot, but it’s paid its dues and made its money.


Ted 2, on the other hand, drops two spots and will likely not be around on the charts next week. It’s been a flop, hardly earning its budget back and falling far behind the earnings of its predecessor.


Leaving the charts this week are Black Sea and Hollywood In My Huis.

The biggest earner on the chart is Jurassic World with nearly R40 million.

  • 01. MINIONS (Incl 3D)
  • 02. PIXELS (incl 3D & Imax)
  • 03. JURASSIC WORLD (Incl 3D & Imax)
  • 05. TERMINATOR: GENISYS (incl 3D & Imax)
  • 06. INSIDE OUT (incl 3D)
  • 07. SAN ANDREAS (incl 3D)
  • 09. SPY
  • 10. TED 2

Last Updated: July 30, 2015

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