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SA’s Weekend Top 10 (7 to 9 August)

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Yeah, yeah, this is late. But do you ever even read this column? Of course you do. All of you do. this column is awesome. Now remove all the blue M&Ms from my snack table or there will be no performance tonight!

Dropping from above and penetrating the fortress of the top spot, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has no problem pushing other movies aside. It enjoyed the second-best opening of the franchise (US box office).


Minions, pushed down a spot last week, stayed at number two. The yellow critters are enjoying a buoyant time on the charts, staying in the top 2 for five weeks running.


Ant-Man, despite all the praise, is not a resounding success. It’s not a flop, having earned back its budget. But it has yet to crack the top 10 Marvel movies. Over here it had a slight tumble, from first to third.


Pixels, despite apparently being hated by everyone, maintains its composure and only goes down one spot to fourth.


At five is Woman in Gold, the historical drama about the battle for a lost heirloom. Boring? Many don’t agree as it only dropped one spot.


Lila & Eve did not get an illustrious cinematic release in the U.S., but this revenge-themed thriller drew local attention, debuting at sixth.

lila eve

Those dinosaurs are still around – Jurassic World drops one position to seventh. It is also approaching ‘second biggest grossing movie ever’ status.


Entourage is the biggest faller this week, from fifth to the eighth spot. This may sound bad, but it’s amazing this apparently-lazy rehash of the show is doing well at all.


Pixar’s Inside Out has a rare moment on the charts and returns after dropping out last week. It comes back at ninth.


Finally, the surprise hit San Andreas is finally at the exit door, also falling three spots.

san wtf

Leaving the charts this week are Thina Sobaili, Big Game and Terminator: Genisys.

The week’s top earner: Jurassic World with R40 million.

02. MINIONS (Incl 3D)
03. ANT-MAN (Incl 3D & Imax)
04. PIXELS (incl 3D & Imax)
06. LILA & EVE
07. JURASSIC WORLD (Incl 3D & Imax)
09. INSIDE OUT (incl 3D)
10. SAN ANDREAS (incl 3D)

Last Updated: August 14, 2015

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