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SA’s Weekend Top 10 Movie Chart: Shine a little light

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What were the top 10 movies in South Africa for the week ending 24 July 2016?

What do The Rock, prehistoric creature, white aristocrats in jungles and that dragon lady from that show I stopped watching have in common? South Africans love them.

The bias for my conclusion is wholly scientific: the leading three movies of this past week’s top 10 were the same as last week. I expected Tarzan to at least slide, but nope: muscled men swinging from vines remains SA’s top attraction, despite what critics might cringe about.

At the same time the British romcom that is so British romcom its trailer risks giving you diabetes wrapped in pyjamas covered in bunny pictures, Me Before You, went up a position.

A bad week for a newcomer

This despite three new films on the charts. To find the first newcomer, we have to go all the way to sixth for Lights Out, a horror that is unlikely to stay long. Horrors struggle to keep traction in this market.

Next is God Is Not Dead 2, a film so evangelist it makes abstinence seem sinful (probably – I only read the reviews). It entered at number eight, which is nowhere.

But that’s better than tenth, the ‘thank you for coming’ debut slot. Twee Grade Van Moord, a local drama about… I’m not sure. The trailer isn’t too helpful. But it’s not a romantic comedy, which is pretty much the genre that local films are currently thriving in. But it does have a brilliant cast, so there’s that. Still, at tenth it is unlikely to be here next week.

Three in, three out. Marauders proved my claim last week that anything with Bruce Willis in a supporting role is not worth it. Audiences agreed and it fell out of its eighth place debut to nowhere. Now You See Me: The Second Act bowed out after some time on the chart, but it’s doubtful anyone will remember it a month from now. Finally, The Conjuring 2 went to find other haunts after a really decent run (for a horror).

  • 01. LEGEND OF TARZAN (Incl 3D, Imax & 4DX) (LW: 1)
  • 02. ICE AGE 5: COLLISION COURSE (incl 3D & Imax) (LW: 2)
  • 04. ME BEFORE YOU (LW: 5)
  • 05. FINDING DORY (incl 3D & Imax) (LW: 4)
  • 06. LIGHTS OUT (NE)
  • 07. BFG: THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT (Incl 3D) (LW: 7)
  • 08. GOD IS NOT DEAD 2 (NE)

(LW = Last Week; NE = New Entry)

Last Updated: July 28, 2016

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