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SA's Weekend Top 10 Movie Chart – FANTASTIC BEASTS holds off MOANA and UNDERWORLD

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Disney’s Moana is currently dominating the competition in the rest of the world. Clearly though, South Africa isn’t the rest of the world. Local cinemagoers were still flocking to Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, allowing it to hold onto the top spot at the SA box office for the second weekend running. Despite a number of other new releases as well, Fantastic Beasts managed to still bring in a decent R3.29 million.


Moana had to settle for second place with its R2.8 million debut. While solid, that’s not the greatest of starts (Fantastic Beasts managed a nearly R7 million opening) but I expect that with the upcoming school holidays it will probably have the legs to catch up a fair bit. Animated family movies tends to go down well in SA.

And despite how tired we are of it, it would seem that there are still some fans of the Underworld franchise. The fifth film in the vampires vs werewolf action series, Underworld: Blood Wars, opened to R1.24 million, which is definitely nothing to go batty/howl at the moon about though. I don’t expect this to hang around too long, but we should probably not underestimate the power of teenagers out of school and Kate Beckinsale’s tight leather pants.


Local Afrikaans comedy newcomer Jonathan: Die Movie managed to just keep itself in the top half of the charts with a R907,980 opening. Not even cracking a million is never a good sign, but the film’s relatively low production cost should offset that. And that’s all I will say about that movie since I know what’s good for me.

The last of the newcomers this week, Almost Christmas, also didn’t have too much to get festive about as it could only muster up R808,904 for it’s first weekend. There’s barely been any buzz for this film, so I don’t expect it to suddenly get a yuletide boost, however local audiences have traditionally shown strong support for black-centric films, so we may just see a Christmas miracle yet.

Here’s what the rest of the chart looks like:

  • 01. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (NE)

Weekend gross: R3.29  million
Percentage change: -47.7%
Total gross: R12.59 million

  • 02. Moana (NE)

Weekend gross: R2.82  million
Percentage change: NA
Total gross: R2.82  million

Underworld: Blood Wars

  • 03. Underworld: Blood Wars (NE)

Weekend gross: R1.24  million
Percentage change: NA
Total gross: R1.24  million

  • 04. Vir Die Voels (LW: 2)

Weekend gross: R936,566
Percentage change: -17%
Total gross: R2.98  million

  • 05. Jonathan (NE)

Weekend gross: R907,980
Percentage change: NA
Total gross: R907,980


  • 06. Almost Christmas (NE)

Weekend gross: R808,904
Percentage change: NA
Total gross: R808,904

  • 07. Doctor Strange (LW: 3)

Weekend gross: R637,010
Percentage change: -40.5%
Total gross: R14.99 million

  • 08. Storks (LW: 4)

Weekend gross: R356,963
Percentage change: -63.3%
Total gross: R5.56 million

  • 09. When The Bough Breaks (LW: 8)

Weekend gross: R338,173
Percentage change: -42.4%
Total gross: R5.27 million

  • 10. Trolls (LW: 6)

Weekend gross: R274,841
Percentage change: -53.9%
Total gross: R10.47 million

(LW: Last Week, NE: New Entry)

Last Updated: December 7, 2016

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